Value Proposition


Paragon brings business principles to a broad range of local government activities, including: utilities, public works, public lighting, parking, parks and recreation facilities, roads, solid waste, as well as other municipal assets and services. Developed from Paragon’s experiences in both the public and private sector, these business principles provide our clients with a wealth of experience and a variety of solutions to issues that have been time-tested throughout the industry.  Paragon Capital serves as the catalyst for innovative solutions to a wide range of issues by achieving cost-savings, improving productivity, revenue generation and optimal management, optimizing capital programs and service enhancement through implementing a well crafted, custom-designed approach for each of its clients.

Our integrated approach involves using targeted management consulting and financial advisory services each with the objective of delivering anticipated results and creating value.  Each project approach is heavily influenced by leveraging proven tools, techniques and methodologies deployed by a cadre of industry experts, each with a depth of career understanding and content knowledge.

Paragon Capital is unique in that it focuses on bringing real-world expertise to our clients and providing proven, implementable strategies. Paragon enforces these strategies by working in concert with our client’s staff to ensure project objectives are met and measurable value is created and sustained.  Paragon Capital  is a hands-on firm where senior level managers and technical experts, backed by years of experience, use time-proven business and operating principles and new technologies to develop and implement successful results to a diversity of municipal challenges.   Paragon does not simply provide shelf studies; we develop financially and politically feasible action plans and implement innovative solutions.

Paragon Capital’s local services and utilities finance practice members work with municipal officials and utility directors to identify realistic financial solutions through the application of project and corporate finance techniques, innovative finance, financial performance management, and financial markets know-how.  Today, many communities are experiencing the challenge of funding new, as well as renewing existing, infrastructure and the associated tax and rate pressure.  Paragon can help through performing capital program and operations budget reviews, infrastructure funding evaluations, asset valuations, rate modelling, financing options analysis, and assisting in the implementation of solutions including Public-Private Partnership transactions. Paragon assists local government evaluate the financial and operational benefits of entering into PPPs and PPI’s to operate and develop certain municipal functions, including recreational facilities, water, wastewater, and solid waste infrastructure.

Paragon has extensive understanding of innovative finance sources and techniques for local governments and utilities and the disposition of assets including military base utilities. From revolving loan funds to development capture techniques, Paragon Capital understands the advantages and challenges of implementing a wide-variety of funding methods.  Our financial advisory works closely with our management and planning consultants to develop organization-specific solutions to the most complex municipal issues. 

Paragon assists clients develop financial systems that provide quality and appropriate financial information to managers, shareholders/stakeholders, and organizational staff. We have devised ways to better link budgeting and financial planning processes with long-term organizational goals.

Strategic real estate projects that are not standard property development, but rather open multiple investment opportunities due to their location, quality and security of tenants, risk structuring or mitigation, and complimentary services associated with the Mixed use Development. This type of economic development and investment facilitation includes projects where dormant state land is ring fenced, improved with bulk service installation, and put back in the market, or given back to the state, or managed under the same syndicated funding model that advises the sate on the most viable development options, affordable financing structuring, investment management options, and optimal institutional arrangements of how the State gets income for the life of the asset or ownership of the asset in 20 t0 30 years where it is viable for both the State and the Private Sector. 

Paragon Capital is uniquely positioned to transform in the next three years into a unique dedicated Syndicated Fund with multi level tiers, or to partner with a large scale Infrastructure Fund to enable both developmental projects and commercial projects in South Africa and later on the African Continent.