Competitive Advantage


Paragon Capital has been set up toexcel though its commitment to quality processes within the investment and advisory framework. This is achieved throughstrategic involvement and management expertise in investment portfolios.

What sets the organisation apart is the hands-on industry knowledge, transactional expertise and a comprehensive approach that provides a perspective and capability for investment value creation.  The management team at Paragon Capital enjoys a successful track record in advising across multiple infrastructure asset classes. The team has also been involved in project development and operations management.

Paragon Capital benefits greatly from the direct and indirect relationship network to provide unique access to investments and capital markets in proprietary deal flow and lower pursuit costs.

Another distinctive advantage of the company is its independent market position and knowledge of multi-jurisdictional regulatory and legislative regimes. This enables Paragon Capital to:

  • Deliver strategic  joint ventures  partnering opportunities with investors and
  • Mitigate risk in a changing environment;
  • Ensure clients investment execution transparency;
  • Provide clear alignment of interest;

Paragon Capital is also rich in intellectual capital. The company has a wealth of expertise and experience in the following areas:

  • Infrastructure development advisory, spanning more than 20 years collectively, with exposure in Africa, Asia and Europe
  • Infrastructure development and management with collective experience of over 30 years
  • Asset Finance within the conventional banking sector, equity finance and investment banking expertise in Europe and Africa.
  • Structured finance capability spanning over 10 years, supported by the strategic partners who advise on structured finance daily to both the private and public sector.
  • Policy development and implementation expertise over 10 years
  • Conception, advisory, treasury approval and implementation of PPP’s in South Africa